Dutch Immigration Law

Our specialized lawyer mr. drs. W. Hoebba can help you in the next cases of Dutch immigration law.

Withdrawing residence permit
Have you received a decision of de IND concerning the matter that your residence permit will be withdrawn? We can provide legal assistance and request for an interim measure.

European immigration law (especially non- EU citizens with a EU partner)
Are you an EU citizen and want to get registered in the Netherlands? Or are you a partner or relative of an EU citizen living in the Netherlands? We can advise you in the applicability of European immigration law.

Family reunification
In cases of family reunification our we can advise and assist foreign partners, foreign parents and (foster)children who desire to reunify with their family in the Netherlands. It’s also possible to advise you on cases concerning the acquirement of a residence permit based on continued residency. This could be possible if you are in the possession of a residence permit based on family reunification.

Tourist and business Visa
Having trouble obtaining Visa for the Netherlands for a non- European national? We can provide legal assistance to settle these applications and procedures.

Foreign students
As a student at HBO or the University it’s possible to extend your residence rights. We can advise you on this matter.

High-skilled employees
Do you have highly qualified employees, or are you a highly qualified worker? We can give you legal assistance to arrange the necessary applications and register your company at the Immigration- and Naturalization Service.

Foreign employees, self- employed persons or artists
There’re different situations imaginable when it comes to the requirement for residence and/or work permits. For the cases that you want to hire foreign employees, desire to work as an artist or wish to start your own business, there are different immigration policies applicable.
We can give you suitable advise for your situation.

Nationality and citizenship
Do you wish to be an Dutch citizen? Or are you concerned you might lose your Dutch citizenship? We can represent you in a legal procedure.

Detention of foreign nationals
We can provide legal aid when you are being detained at a centre for illegal foreign nationals.

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